Work and Study in Canada

work and study in canada

Working While Studying in Canada

A part-time job, internship, or co-op placement during your studies can help maximize the value of your education. It also gives you a chance to gain practical work experience within your field and build valuable connections.

Work Rights in Canada for Students

International students have the benefit of working on campus and off-campus while studying in Canada. However, there are certain rules and restrictions when it comes to working while studying there.

You must be enrolled in an eligible study program for at least six months to be able to work. Visitors or exchange students at designated learning institutions (DLI) cannot work.

Work Opportunities for Students

Most Canadian colleges and universities provide integrated curricula that includes co-op or internship work placements. These experiences can be both rewarding and beneficial, providing invaluable experience that will sharpen your skillset and shape your future career goals.

Find a job or internship that meets your interests and qualifications

Canada offers plenty of employers willing to hire international students for part-time positions, making it easy to find the ideal match! Be sure to review each type of job’s employment requirements before applying.

If you’re interested in working while studying in Canada, fill out our inquiry form and we’ll connect you with an expert guidance counselor who can give more details about the application process and your eligibility to work and study here.


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