Abroad Education Consultants in Hyderabad

abroad education consultants in hyderabad

Studying abroad is the ultimate dream of many students. Not only do they get to explore a new education system, connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, but they also acquire invaluable life skills that will benefit them in their future career pursuits.

The top overseas education consultants in Hyderabad make the process of studying abroad stress-free and straightforward. They assist you with all necessary steps, from course selection and university selection to visa assistance and financial aid applications.

About the Company

Edwise International is a highly-rated study abroad consultancy in India. They assist students in discovering the right courses and universities across multiple countries such as the UK, US, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and Germany.

Their services range from counseling and university shortlisting, application support, test prep and pre-departure counseling. Furthermore, they provide scholarships and financial aid to their clients.

Y-Axis Global is a top abroad education consultant in Hyderabad that offers an array of services. They provide consulting, counseling and testing preparation for GRE, SAT, ACT and TOEFL exams.

They offer job search and visa assistance to their clients. You can reach them either through their website or call to arrange an appointment with one of their experts.

Prosper Overseas is a well-established study abroad company in Hyderabad that provides counseling and pre-departure support to Asian students interested in attending universities abroad, including the USA, Singapore, Malaysia or Germany. They strive to assist Asian students achieve higher educational success while helping them pursue a rewarding international experience.

These education consultants in Hyderabad are some of the most reputable and popular. Their services are affordable and unbiased.


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