Free Study in Europe For Indian Students

free study in europe for indian students

Europe has always been a popular study destination for students from around the globe due to its excellent education system, extensive course selection and cutting-edge research facilities.

Europe offers some countries that provide free education to international students. Popular examples include Germany, the Czech Republic and Norway.

EU citizens typically do not need to pay tuition or admin fees, though living costs may be higher.

On average, tuition fees for EU/EEA students in Austria are only EUR363 per semester; international students are charged a slightly higher amount.

Students have the option of working part time during their studies, which can be a great way to earn some extra cash and reduce living expenses.

Iceland is a unique country that provides free higher education to all international students, regardless of nationality. The government uses taxpayer funds to cover the costs associated with attending state universities.

Students can apply for a 9-month post-study residence permit in Iceland upon graduating from their course. This permit will grant them permission to live and work in Iceland during this period.

Sweden is another European country that provides free study for all EU/EEA students. Its top cities, such as Stockholm and Helsinki, have been rated among the best in the world for student life.

Switzerland is an attractive option for Indian students due to its relatively low tuition fees in Europe. Furthermore, Switzerland provides numerous scholarships for international students.


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