How to Go Abroad in Australia

go abroad australia

Study abroad in Australia and you’ll have an unforgettable semester or year full of new adventures, exciting friendships and motivating activities. With its beautiful beaches, bustling cities and prestigious universities, Australia is one of the premier international study destinations!

Travel to Australia and you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in its vibrant cultural dynamics. Experience world-renowned performers, artists and museums while taking advantage of Australia’s beautiful beaches or hiking along the Great Barrier Reef.

Take advantage of student discounts and benefits to save money on accommodation, travel, clothing and entertainment while abroad. Who knows? You might even qualify for a scholarship to help cover some expenses!

Master public transportation – don’t neglect researching the different modes available in your city. Getting around can be a major hurdle when living abroad, so become familiar with all available options.

Support Local Businesses – When travelling abroad, try to shop locally as much as possible. Not only will this reduce your costs, but it also supports the local community in an eco-friendly manner!

Don’t get too drunk – limit your visits to bars and pubs as they can add up quickly in price. If you do want a drink, bring along some goon (boxed wine), which is much cheaper than having a glass of wine at a bar!

Plan your vacation for the shoulder season, which is October/November or April/May. These months tend to be warmer and less rainy than other times of year, making them ideal for travel.


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