Cheap Medical Universities in Europe

cheap medical universities in europe

If you’re considering studying medicine abroad, many European countries offer reasonable tuition fees. However, it is essential to factor in costs such as conversion rates, housing expenses, international student fees, and more when making your decision.

International students looking for the cheapest European medical university should consider Russia. With an annual tuition of less than US$15,000, this university provides a degree with no upfront costs.

Georgia offers an affordable option for a medical education in Europe. This country boasts some of the top universities in the region and provides high-quality MBBS degrees.

Georgia boasts a lower cost of living than Western Europe, giving students in this country many opportunities to secure residency placements in their desired country.

Bulgaria is an attractive choice for students looking for a cheap medical school in Europe. It provides six-year English-language degrees at just under EUR6000.

Furthermore, this university is accredited by the GMC, making its graduates some of the top doctors worldwide.

Europe makes studying medicine a breeze, with an abundance of schools to choose from – some even offering free medical degrees!

Tuition-free courses are often offered at public universities in countries like Germany and Norway, with most German public universities providing tuition-free education for EU/EEA students.

These schools are renowned for their research and innovation, which allows students to work on cutting-edge technologies that will shape the future of healthcare. This makes them ideal choices for any Indian student considering studying abroad.


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