Study Abroad For International Business

Study abroad International Business

Students who study abroad possess a valuable perspective and set of skillset that sets them apart from other job candidates. They understand how to work across cultural and geographical boundaries, are conversant with international business practices and regulations, and possess excellent communication abilities in foreign languages. This makes them ideal candidates for international jobs.

Globalization has made it increasingly essential for business leaders to comprehend the economic, political and cultural influences that shape global markets. A comprehensive international business education provides students with the skillset they need to excel in today’s ever-evolving business environment.

Studying International Business can be done in many ways, from traditional semester-long programs to intensive summer sessions. Most of these programs provide a diverse selection of classes on business management, economics, law and marketing – plus some even provide the option of learning another language!

Some of our students choose to specialize in specific regions of the globe while in business school, such as China, Latin America or South Africa. This gives them a deeper appreciation for those countries’ cultures and economies while providing them with more diverse work experiences that they can draw upon when entering the workforce.

Other students opt for a more traditional approach, opting to spend one semester or year traveling the world. This can be accomplished through coursework and experiential learning opportunities like working as a teaching assistant in an international business school or interning with a local organization.

Many students opt to study abroad with an emphasis on entrepreneurship or small business. In these classes, they become acquainted with the challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs around the world and collaborate to find practical solutions.

Students studying abroad for business gain insight into the political, social, technological, environmental, and legal influences on a given region or country’s economy. Furthermore, they are introduced to an entirely new academic culture which can teach them how to collaborate effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Studying abroad, whether for the full semester or just a few weeks, can have an immense effect on your career and personal development. Furthermore, living in another culture allows you to make an invaluable contribution to its community.

If you’re looking to extend your study abroad experience beyond the typical study abroad program, ISEP offers the Global Engagement Program that matches you with a nonprofit or community organization in Barcelona. This two-hour program includes 2 hours of weekly service as well as an immersive cross-cultural seminar taught by ISEP’s Resident Director.

Before embarking on any study abroad program, it’s essential to consult your advisor about which coursework can be taken and how it may fulfill your major or co-major requirements while abroad. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Study Abroad Liaison in your department if you have any queries regarding your program.


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