Universities in Kuala Lumpur For International Students

universities in kuala lumpur for international students

International students in Kuala Lumpur have plenty of prestigious universities to choose from. All are highly-ranked institutions with excellent reputations, offering degrees across various fields of study.

University of Malaya

Ranked #1 in Asia by QS World Rankings, University of Malaya is a premier choice for international students seeking an English-speaking environment. It offers bachelor’s and doctoral degrees across various fields such as economics, law, engineering, accountancy, linguistics and education – plus it has partnerships with several other countries like Australia, France and Japan.

Monash Sunway Campus

Monash University in Malaysia is renowned for its distinguished academic program and impressive facilities. Its Sunway Campus in Kuala Lumpur serves as an attractive option for students studying business, science or the arts, with research-intensive partnerships with other top global universities.

University of Nottingham Malaysia

As Malaysia’s first foreign university and one of Britain’s best institutions with an International Branch Campus (IBC), University of Nottingham Malaysia offers top quality British education at a reasonable cost. While Malaysia plans on increasing the number of IBCs, it’s essential that the original school be an esteemed international institution with a good reputation.

Bangi IBC

The University Kebangsaan Malaysia IBC is situated in Bangi, about 30 kilometers south of Kuala Lumpur. Its primary campus houses the university’s medical and dental programs.


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