Design Internships Abroad

design internships abroad

Design internships abroad offer you a unique opportunity to discover how design theory is applied in different cultures, as well as develop skills that will aid your success as a designer. Interns work on various projects within this field, such as creating logos and website designs or designing print publications.

Graphic design internships require creative and technical aptitudes, as well as the capacity to communicate clearly with other team members. Whether you’re an experienced professional or student, these global opportunities offer invaluable hands-on experience that will enhance your portfolio and boost your resume.

Finding an Internship Company to Apply With:

The best way to find an internship is by researching companies that interest you. Check online or reach out to friends and professors who might have advice for you on finding the ideal fit.

Finding the Perfect Timing to Apply:

Fashion interns typically intern during major fashion weeks, as this provides a good indication of what the market wants. New York’s Fashion Week, for instance, is one of the world’s most renowned and kicks off other global fashion weeks.

Apply with a Reputable Company:

Many internships are available from renowned companies, such as Montevideo’s publicity firm which creates booths and stands for events. Another internship opportunity exists at Marbella-based energy drink brand Energex that has global reach into over 45 countries. They need interns to assist with their growth strategy by helping with all marketing materials produced.


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