Indian Students in New Zealand

For Indian students seeking an outstanding educational experience, New Zealand is the perfect destination. Not only does the country boast a welcoming community and supportive system that will enable you to make the most of your study abroad experience, but also build a successful career once you graduate.

How can I learn more about studying in New Zealand?

When planning your studies abroad, there are many aspects to take into account – from the application process and eligibility criteria for non-resident students, to ensuring you can afford living there during your course. Before beginning any process, research each university’s tuition fees and accommodation options as well as its reputation within your chosen field of study.

How Can I Study in New Zealand on a Scholarship?

New Zealand is known for providing comprehensive financial aid to international students. As part of their commitment to providing top-notch education, there are various scholarships and fellowships that may cover all or part of your living expenses while you study there.

How Can I Utilize an Immigration Advisor or Education New Zealand-Recognized Agent?

If you are considering studying in New Zealand, it is essential that you select an Immigration Advisor or Education New Zealand Recognised Agent who can assist with the application process. Information regarding approved agents can be found on both the Immigration Advisers Authority website and Study in New Zealand website.


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