College Study Abroad Programs

College study abroad programs are tailored to students’ individual educational objectives and goals. Whether you want to discover a new country or culture, enhance your foreign language abilities, gain global experience or prepare for a career in international business, there is an appropriate program available.

Faculty-Led and Faculty-Designed Studies Abroad

Pace University’s faculty-led study abroad programs offer semester and short-term experiences around the world, from Australia to China to Peru. Courses are led by faculty who collaborate closely with students as they investigate topics like architecture in Rome, art in Spain, and literature in France.

Direct Enrollment & Campus-Based Exchanges

Many colleges offer direct enroll programs that send you to a host university to study for a semester or year as part of their program. These initiatives work closely with the international student office at the host university and provide housing, visas, courses, and other necessary support while you’re away at school.

Gettysburg Affiliated Programs

Many of our affiliate program partners are domestic and international single-county academic year or semester global study abroad programs that have been carefully selected and vetted by Gettysburg faculty to meet the educational requirements of our students.

Goshen College’s Study – Service Team (SST) is a 13-week semester-long international service-learning experience that allows students to get acquainted with another culture while working alongside fellow classmates on an initiative for community assistance. This experience is fully integrated into the curriculum, including language acquisition, culture exploration and history as well as group activities and service projects in a local village.


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