Korea Study Abroad Scholarships

korea study abroad scholarships

Studying abroad in Korea can be an incredible opportunity that offers you a unique insight into Asian culture. There are various scholarship opportunities available for international students across various fields such as education, business, health and medicine, arts and culture.

Government Scholarships: The Korean government offers the KGSP scholarship, which covers tuition fees and living expenses for selected international students attending undergraduate or graduate courses at Korean universities. This scholarship covers airfare costs, a resettlement allowance, medical insurance, language training expense, as well as a completion grant.

Private Foundation Scholarships: Many private organizations and foundations in Korea provide scholarships for study. These can range from full tuition coverage to a living stipend or even a waiver of fees.

University Scholarships: Many universities in South Korea offer scholarships for their degree programs. These awards are typically based on academic performance and can be an excellent way to begin your Korean educational journey.

Professor Scholarships: Professors in Korean universities may offer scholarships to international students with high GPAs, placement in the top 10% of their class or who have already received an excellent scholarship in another country. These awards are usually given out by professors with exceptional knowledge or qualifications.

When applying for a study abroad scholarship in Korea, it’s essential to be specific about why you want to go. A holistic approach will help your application stand out from others and boost your chances of receiving an award.


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