Student Permit Requirements

student permit requirements

Student permit requirements differ by state. Generally, you must pass a driving test that can be obtained through Driver’s Ed or online through DMV offices. If you’re under 18, consent from your parent or guardian must be obtained before taking the test.

Applying for a student license is straightforward and quick. Simply complete the Non-Commercial Learner’s Permit Application or DL-180 form, bring it to any LTO licensing center or district/extension office along with proof of age, identification, and a copy of your driver’s education certificate if applicable.

Visit the customer service window to receive a queue number, then submit your required documents and form. The receiving staff will verify your documents before handing them over to an evaluator who will authenticate and assess your qualifications.

Once the fees have been paid and receipt obtained from the cashier, return to the releasing counter for your student permit and LTO driving exam reviewer.

Once you’ve completed a 15-hour Theoretical Driving Course from an LTO-accredited driving school, the final step is to pass your written driver’s test.

Most states allow students to apply for a professional driver’s license after six months of holding a student license. However, some require students to complete an educational course in order to receive this privilege and some only issue professional licenses after certain amount of time with a student permit.


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