Masters Programs in France

masters programs in france

Master’s Programs in France

International students have access to a range of masters programs in France. These can range from traditional university degrees and the ‘Grandes Ecoles’, to more specialized ‘ecoles specialises’.

A master’s degree is a national higher education diploma awarded by French universities after two years of obtaining a Licence (Bachelor’s). This degree, sometimes referred to as the Diploma National de Genomics, tends to be technical and business-oriented in nature.

Masters programs in France typically take one, three or six years to complete depending on the course. All are taught in English and require a research dissertation as part of the final requirement.

The French system of higher education was transformed by the Bologna Process, which introduced a master degree that combined elements from both Licence and University degrees. This was known as a ‘Diplome nationale de master’ or DNM, granted by the state to those who meet certain criteria in order to acquire it.

Specialised Masters (Mastere Specialis)

This advanced degree, typically awarded by Grandes Ecoles and completed four to five years after A-levels, combines professional training with specialist academic expertise. These programmes are assessed based on their students’ needs as well as the content and duration of courses they take along with internship experience.

In France, there are more than 1600 master’s programs available through ecoles specialises and public universities. To find a program that fits your needs, head over to Campus France’s website and use their master’s catalogue search feature to search by keyword, field of study or location.


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