How Much Does a Student Visa in Canada Cost?

student visa canada cost

A student visa in Canada is an integral component of your educational pursuits. With this permit, you are permitted to attend classes, take part in extracurricular activities and work – should the need arise for financial gain.

The cost of a student visa in Canada varies based on your country of origin and the program you wish to pursue. Typically, the application fee is CAD 150 which can be paid online or offline using major credit cards or demand draft (if paying at the High Commission of Canada).

Apply for a Student Visa

In order to obtain a Canadian student visa, students must fill out an application form on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. They also need evidence of sufficient financial resources for their expenses as well as having no criminal history.

Submitting your documents accurately and promptly may lead to the government rejecting them.

Be sure to include a statement of purpose in your visa application that explains why you want to study in Canada and how it will assist with reaching your career objectives. This statement must be signed and dated by the individual applying for a student visa.

Be ready to take standardized tests such as TOEFL/GRE/GMAT/IELTS before September of the year you plan to study in Canada. The application process typically takes 4-6 months to finish, and being prepared can save you from stress when waiting until the last minute.


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