Cheap Universities in France For International Students

International students in France can find affordable universities. These low tuition institutions provide recognized educational qualifications and an invaluable learning experience.

Universite de Paris (Paris), a public university, is one of the most affordable options for international students. With roots dating back to 1150 and reestablished in 2017, this institution consists of three faculties: Health Sciences and Humanities & Social Sciences.

This public institution is renowned for its courses and innovation support, as well as having a strong international presence with 63,000+ students enrolled. As such, it’s an attractive option for international students.

Montpellier University, situated in Southern France, offers affordable higher education to international students. With over 70 research units and degrees offered across various fields of study, Montpellier University provides an ideal university option.

ICD Business School in Paris and Toulouse offers bachelor and master’s degrees in marketing. This French-language university is renowned for its superior teaching and research standards.

The University of Strasbourg, a public university located in France’s city of Strasbourg, offers an affordable option for international students. With 18% of its student population hailing from different countries around the world, this university has an established international presence.

This public institution boasts over 1,165 teachers and 19,026 students, offering an expansive educational program at just 170 euros a year. As demand for affordable higher education continues to grow, don’t hesitate to consider it if you are searching for an accessible alternative.


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