Exams To Study Abroad After 12th

exams to study abroad after 12th

Exams To Study Abroad After 12th

Students looking to study abroad after their 12th must pass a series of exams in order to prove they’ve met the academic minimum standard, possess the necessary abilities for success in the country, and are eligible for a degree. Passing these assessments demonstrates your readiness and capability of succeeding academically abroad.

Students should begin studying for these exams at least one and a half years prior to the preliminary application deadlines of their desired foreign university. This provides ample time for practice, study, and preparation before taking the exam.

SAT/ACT: These assessments assess a student’s knowledge of math, science, and English. They follow the same curriculum that students learn in high school.

GRE: This exam is highly sought-after by students aiming to study in the US, Canada and thousands of graduate schools around the world. It tests verbal, analytical and numerical abilities.

IELTS: This standardised English language proficiency test is offered to non-native speakers who wish to study or work in an English-speaking environment. It has become accepted by universities throughout the UK and Australia as a great way to begin your studies abroad.

PTE: Popular among Indian students, the PTE English Language Proficiency Test is a popular option. It focuses on everyday English and results are declared much faster than other exams, making it ideal for those who need to submit their applications quickly.

In addition to these standardized tests, students must pass the necessary language exams in order to demonstrate their English proficiency skills. These assessments are mandatory for all courses offered at universities in English-speaking countries and an absolute must for international students seeking degrees.