Tuition International Students

tuition international students

Tuition international students are an array of individuals whose education is funded through tuition fees. They share a special and often complex relationship with their university that stems from this arrangement.

International students often have academic, cultural, social or personal reasons for studying abroad.

With the increasing globalisation of higher education institutions (HEIs), there has been an accompanying growth in demand for specialized courses among students.

Demand has become a formidable competitive force for many HEIs, making it essential that they offer attractive programs to attract fee-paying students.

Sweden has seen great success in recruiting fee-paying students, yet their numbers remain relatively small. In the first years after fees were introduced, these students made up around a fourth of all international students enrolled at Swedish HEIs.

Most of these students came from China, Pakistan, Iran, India and Bangladesh – countries known for their large populations and youthful demographics.

These students are accustomed to paying tuition fees in their home countries and therefore tend to be more concerned with the cost of education.

In addition to tuition fees, international students must purchase health insurance while in the US. These costs can be a substantial burden on families. It is often difficult for international students to manage all of their financial responsibilities at university alone, so having the support of family and friends during this transition period is essential.


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