Benefits of Attending an Overseas Education Expo

overseas education expo

International Education Fairs are an ideal way to learn about your study abroad options. These events bring together various universities under one roof, giving you the chance to speak directly with them and explore your possibilities in a relaxed atmosphere.

The primary advantage of attending one of these events is that you can save a considerable amount of time. They provide one-stop shopping for all study abroad needs — admissions, scholarships, funding, visas, accommodation – under one roof!

Furthermore, they can give you a deeper insight into your academic interests and preferences. For instance, you’ll learn about the curriculums at various universities and what might be important to you personally. Furthermore, you’ll get detailed info on internships, work placements, and course structure which can assist in making an informed decision regarding your future career path.

Another advantage of attending an international education fair is the access to scholarship opportunities from participating universities. Many universities will waive off application fees ranging from $50-100 (depending on the university) at these events, providing great savings opportunities.

One way to stand out at an education fair is by utilizing social media and other web tools to promote your agency. Creating an event on Facebook or sending tweets are two great examples of how these tactics can quickly reach a large number of people.


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