Best Study Abroad Apps For Students

best study abroad apps

Best Study Abroad Apps

Are you planning your first international trip or just need some guidance, there are plenty of apps that can help maximize the experience from your trip. From finding great travel deals to connecting with new people, these tools make planning for a study abroad trip simpler, more organized and less stressful.

Flights & Accommodation: Skyscanner and Expedia are two of the world’s most popular student travel apps, providing flight, hotel, car hire options in over 180 countries. Plus they have great flight price alerts to stay ahead of the latest offers.

Mint: Budgeting is a major concern for college students, and Mint provides various features tailored to your needs and budget. Plus, its 256-bit encryption keeps your data secure.

Personal Security: Investing in a good personal security app can provide you with peace of mind while away from home, with features like GPS tracking and emergency contacts. It also enables you to store important information like passport and visa numbers securely so it’s accessible by emergency personnel.

Learning the Language: If you’re studying abroad, it is beneficial to become fluent in the local language before arriving. Google Translate is an ideal starting point, offering features such as voice translation and picture interpretation.


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