European Universities Teaching in English

european universities teaching in english

European universities teaching English are becoming an increasingly attractive option for those searching for study abroad opportunities. With a range of programs, a diverse student body and world-class destinations, Europe is quickly becoming one of the premier study destinations around.

Top 10 Cheap English Speaking European Universities

Europe boasts many esteemed academic institutions offering undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees in English across multiple disciplines. With so many options to choose from, finding the right European university that can meet your interests and help you reach your objectives is essential.

European Universities Offering Great Value at Study Abroad

European countries often go overlooked when searching for study abroad options, yet they offer an unbeatable chance to gain international experience while earning free university educations in many cases. Furthermore, tuition in many of these nations is much cheaper than what you might find at other popular study destinations.

Netherlands: The Netherlands is one of Europe’s most affordable countries to pursue a degree, with many universities offering English-language programs. Tuition is free for EU and EEA citizens; however, non-EU students can expect to pay between EUR2,087 and 20,000 (US$2,800-2,550) annually depending on their subject and study level.

Finland boasts a large population of English speakers and its universities offer over 400 courses taught in English with no fees for those from EU and EEA countries.


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