How to Study English in France

study english in france

French is not an English-speaking nation, so if you plan to study there, it will likely require some effort to learn the language. According to reports, only 40% of local populations speak English fluently; thus, in order to get around, ask for assistance, go shopping or use public transportation effectively, you must learn some basic conversational French skills.

You can do this in several ways, one of which being to stay in a large city like Paris or Lyon where there are plenty of people who speak both English and French. This way, you can pursue your studies while still having opportunities to interact with locals.

France offers several universities that provide various English-language courses and programs, so you can select the one that best meets your requirements. Furthermore, public universities provide affordable tuition options for those searching for a budget-friendly education option.

American University of Paris, or AUP, offers a semester-long English program to learn the language while living in an attractive city. Furthermore, this university is eligible for federal financial aid and student loans, making it an attractive option for international students wanting to study in France with English proficiency.


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