MBA in Europe – Cheap Options For Indian Students

mba in france for indian students cost

Are you an Indian student seeking to pursue MBA abroad at a low rate? There are some countries that could be worth considering. Here is a list of some –


Popular for its stunning natural landscape, Poland makes an attractive option for an MBA abroad at a reasonable cost. The country offers several reputable B-schools and scholarships are available for Indian students.


Spain boasts an excellent education system and offers some of the most affordable MBA courses in Europe. A full-time MBA course here could cost less than Rs16 lakhs, which is much lower than most renowned destinations charge for this degree.


French universities are a top choice amongst many international students as they boast some of the world’s top colleges. Pursuing an MBA in France can help you stand out from competitors and enhance your career prospects.


Situated in central Europe, Austria offers a vast array of specializations and MBA courses. Additionally, students get to learn German – an indispensable language for planning and precision – as well as gain an understanding of German business ethics.


Hungary, known for its ancient culture and stunning landscapes, boasts many excellent business schools that provide MBA courses at low costs. Furthermore, there are plenty of English-taught programs available here as well.


Germany can be a challenging market to break into for MBA graduates, but they still have a chance of finding employment within the European workforce. Unfortunately, hiring processes may take a while and are typically slow. Therefore, it’s essential to start your job search early and target companies willing to provide visas.


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