Courses in Canada After MBA

courses in canada after mba

Studying in Canada is a dream come true for international students as it offers a secure, straightforward immigration process, high-paying jobs and an engaging environment. Furthermore, Canada after MBA provides various course options at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Canada’s primary requirements for studying abroad are a graduate degree and professional work-exp experience. In some cases, universities may also require either a GMAT score or TOEFL proficiency test; the minimum score required for admission is 600; most universities accept scores of 650 or above.

Canadian post-MBA courses include Management, Medicine, Computer Science and Information Technology. These fields of study are highly sought after due to their variety of job prospects they provide.

Statistics is a growing sector of the Canadian economy, and earning a bachelor’s degree can open doors to a career as an analyst. Your salary potential ranges from several thousand dollars up to tens of thousands each year depending on your qualifications, skillset, and career objectives.

Computer Science and IT is another rapidly expanding sector of the Canadian economy, offering bachelor’s degrees to those looking to make a career as analysts. With the rise of Big Data and Business Analytics industries, there’s an increased need for qualified individuals who can manage large amounts of information efficiently.

Medical is a growing sector in Canadian healthcare and working as an analyst can be highly rewarding. Your salary potential ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars annually depending on your qualifications, skillsets, training and career objectives.


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