How to Study Abroad With Scholarships

Scholarships to study abroad are an excellent way to reduce the cost of your trip. They cover program fees, plane tickets and other costs related to studying abroad. Scholarships work similarly to grants (usually need-based), but differ from student loans which must be repaid with interest.

How to Study Abroad with Scholarships

The key to receiving a scholarship for studying abroad is research. Research which scholarships are open to your demographic and what they require from applicants, then tailor your application accordingly. Doing this increases your chances of receiving the scholarship significantly.

Applying for scholarships can be a daunting process, but it’s an integral part of your study abroad journey. Don’t let that stop you – there are thousands of dollars waiting to be yours!

Finding Study Abroad Scholarships

A great place to begin your search for study abroad scholarships is with your university’s study abroad office. Additionally, you can check out online scholarship databases and official country pages on individual countries’ websites. The more research you do, the higher your chances are of finding the ideal scholarship program.

Academic achievements will be taken into account during the decision-making process, so be sure to submit your transcripts and grades. These documents serve as evidence of your academic progress and accomplishments. It’s also important to be honest and thoughtful when applying for scholarships.

Writing application essays is an excellent opportunity to express yourself and tell your story of why you want to study abroad, as well as why you are the ideal candidate for a given scholarship. Most applications require a personal essay, so use this chance to stand out from others by outlining why you deserve the money.

Remember, scholarship committee members want to fund an educational experience, not just a vacation. Be clear about why you want to study abroad and how it will enhance your skills or career prospects.

Customizing Your Application Is the Key to Becoming a Scholarship Pro!

It may be tempting to copy-paste from one application to the next, but customization makes you stand out from competitors and shows scholarship providers that you took time to research options. Doing this will allow you to showcase what makes you unique as an applicant, thus increasing your chances of being selected for funding.

Be realistic when applying for scholarships to study abroad. Your costs will depend on which country you select, how long you plan on staying there and if other cities or locations within that same host nation need to be visited.

Saving before leaving gives you a better idea of your savings needs, making it easier to stay within budget during your overseas adventure!


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