Study Pharmacy in Europe

study pharmacy in europe

Studying pharmacy in Europe offers you an exciting new world to explore. There are countless European universities where you can get a top-notch education in English and live comfortably while attending classes.

The European Association for Pharmacy (EAFP) is a professional organization composed of university-level schools of pharmacy. It offers an international platform to exchange information, collaborate and ensure quality across member faculties.

EAFP membership consists of all Higher Education Institutions in 25 EU states that offer courses to provide graduates with the qualifications needed for professional pharmacy recognition. These programs have been approved by each respective European state’s competent authorities.

On average, an MPharm course takes five years to complete and includes lectures, seminars and practical exercises. Additionally, students will get the opportunity to do clinical placements where they can gain real-world experience of medicine.

Assessment in the UK MPharm program largely relies on performance in written examinations, theoretical assessments and coursework exercises. The latter requires creating reports, interpreting data and completing a research project.

Pharma education in the UK will have to overcome a range of challenges over the coming years, such as:

Preregistration of new graduates into the profession is a major concern. Every year, approximately 2000 students enter preregistration training; with the expansion of pharmacy education and an acute shortage of placement providers, this number is expected to grow significantly in the future.

Pharmacy students often work part-time during their studies to gain experience and finance their educational journey. The benefit of this is that you will earn some money and have the chance to participate in international internships, which will add valuable experience to your CV.


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