The Institute For Study Abroad

institute for study abroad

Studying abroad can be an unforgettable journey. Not only will you gain insight into a different culture, but you’ll also develop essential global competencies and make lifelong friends.

The Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA) offers an array of academically rigorous programs in many parts of the world. A fundamental element of their model is individual advising that takes into account your academic, career and personal objectives.

DIS offers semester, academic year and summer programs at two campuses in Copenhagen and Stockholm for upper-division students. The academic program offers intellectually stimulating coursework, experiential learning opportunities and the unique chance to explore both cities.

Before being considered for a semester or yearlong program, you must first meet with Professor Erinn Holloway to discuss your plans and the academic and financial feasibility. Once you have an accurate understanding of your objectives, an IFSA advisor will assist in submitting your on-campus application.

IFSA also offers a $2000 grant on all semester and yearlong programs to cover tuition and housing costs. Furthermore, the institute has an array of creative programs available and serves as an invaluable resource for students considering an international experience.


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