Working and Study in France

Are you considering studying and working in France? While it’s not impossible, there are certain legal and cultural considerations to take into account.

Working and Studying in France

Studying abroad in France can be very affordable, especially for international students. You can enrol at a range of higher institutions across the country at very reasonable tuition fees.

International students have access to a wealth of work and study programs that can benefit them. Apprenticeships and internships, for instance, provide invaluable opportunities to experience French culture while honing your language skills at the same time.

How to Work in France

Non-European students studying in France with a long stay visa have the right to work up to 964 hours annually (approximately 60% of full-time employment). This amount allows you to support yourself and your studies, so finding an appropriate job that meets all of your requirements is key.

In France, there are plenty of ways to earn some extra money through retail jobs. These positions can be found at department stores and supermarkets and offer the perfect opportunity to practice your French while making some extra cash.

How to Study and Work After College

If you graduated with a master’s degree from a French university, you can apply for a post-study work permit to remain in France. This permit allows you to stay and find work within 12 months after graduating – useful if seeking permanent residence, paying off student loan debts, or adding experience at an international company to your resume.


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