International Students in France

France boasts an abundance of knowledge across multiple disciplines and attracts international students from all corners of the globe, according to Campus France. Indeed, France ranks as one of the premier higher education destinations in Europe and boasts an international student community representing various nationalities.

France offers courses that cover engineering, medicine, business, gastronomy and arts and culture – which tend to take between three to four years for graduate/master’s degrees; however a PhD program could take even longer depending on which specialization course one chooses.

French universities welcome international students with open arms. The government provides a special website that assists foreigners in selecting an institution of higher learning; furthermore, France’s Regional Centers of Student Services offer reasonable lodgings both in Paris and throughout France.

Students entering France on an exchange program typically require a valid passport, proof of financial resources for studying in France, and medical insurance coverage. Non-Europeans must also register online with France’s social security system in order to become eligible for reimbursement of health costs.

Undergraduate and graduate application processes are relatively similar for both degrees; most schools request evidence of English language ability through tests like TOEFL iBT; some universities also require entrance exams for admission. France has witnessed steady increases in international students from Italy (+16%) and Spain (+25%) over the last year; however China and Vietnam saw decreases (-2% and -4% respectively).