Why Study Abroad in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s picturesque islands are an ecological utopia. From serene beaches, rugged mountains, and glaciers to vibrant cultures and progressive lifestyles that draw some of the happiest people on earth – New Zealand truly has it all! At IFSA we offer semester, summer and full year study abroad programs in New Zealand which combine academic work with cultural immersion for an unforgettable study abroad experience.

New Zealand offers the ideal study abroad destination for students of diverse academic interests and abilities, with eight universities that regularly feature among the top 3% in QS World University Rankings – there’s sure to be something tailored to meet your academic requirements!

New Zealand offers more than academic opportunities; it’s also a playground for adventure seekers. Boasting incredible natural beauty that has been the setting for countless movies, it offers outdoor enthusiasts everything from hiking and skiing to kayaking, mountain biking and horseback riding – making New Zealand an unforgettable adventure destination!

And of course there’s plenty to eat! From delicious meat pies and hearty vegetable stews to decadent desserts like pavlova and pineapple lumps, New Zealand cuisine offers plenty of variety for the adventurous foodie to experience – without risking Montezuma’s revenge! Eating together as part of social activities here provides the ideal chance to broaden your palate while getting to know locals better; New Zealanders are known for their warm hospitality so you’re guaranteed an enjoyable stay here!