German Education Fair

german education fair

German Education Fair provides an unparalleled opportunity for students to meet representatives of German universities and funding agencies directly, free and open to all those curious about Germany’s higher education system! This event welcomes anyone interested in German higher education!

Join the German Education Fair to discover more about German programs and universities as well as explore study opportunities available for US students in Germany. Many German universities provide Master’s degree programs entirely in English with extremely low or even free tuition fees!

German education stands out among European nations by combining classical university studies with vocational training – making the country an ideal location for students interested in both academic and practical studies alike to find their dream study program!

Germany stands out from most countries by employing a comprehensive school system where children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds are educated together. PISA results have shown its effectiveness; with comprehensive schools being among those that performed best.

However, this educational system also presents several drawbacks. Children from lower socio-economic groups in comprehensive schools tend not to fare as well on PISA tests than their peers and many with social class issues are unable to integrate into school successfully. Germany must therefore do more in terms of collecting and making use of scholarship data in order to understand exactly who benefits from scholarship aid as well as any long-term effects it has – especially on those remaining after graduation.