Masters Degree Ireland

masters degree ireland

Ireland offers many postgraduate programs in diverse areas, drawing in students from around the globe to pursue higher studies here. Tuition fees at Irish universities are extremely reasonable compared to some other countries and Ireland also provides international scholarship options that make pursuing master’s degree studies even more attainable.

If you are passionate about environmental studies, Biodiversity and Conservation masters program could be just what you are looking for. Over one year-long course will offer comprehensive grounding in biodiversity conservation as well as opportunities to explore Ireland’s rich natural environment, home to an impressive variety of plant and animal species.

Master’s degrees can open up many career options in Ireland. Thanks to Europe’s lowest corporation tax rate, many multinational corporations choose Ireland as their base – particularly those in tech; nine out of 10 global ICT companies, eight of the top 10 pharmaceutical firms, and six of seven diagnostic providers all call Ireland home.

Once you’ve earned your masters in Ireland, the Third Level Graduate Scheme allows you to stay and work for up to two years after graduation. This provides an ideal way of gaining work experience in your field and moving one step closer towards permanent residency status in Ireland.