MSC in Foreign Universities

msc in foreign universities

Studies of Master of Science in Comparative Literature at foreign universities can be an exciting prospect for Indian students. Studying MSC allows you to immerse yourself in hard core research while benefiting from some of the world’s premier faculty members and peers. Many alumni go on to work at universities in both their home country or abroad, or even take up policymaking or administrative roles with government departments, non-government organizations (NGOs) or think tanks (TBT).

Master’s degrees offered at foreign universities generally take two years and encompass both coursework and research components. Students must write their thesis and pass final exams in order to earn this degree; Master of Science (MSc) refers specifically to science-related degrees but can also refer to graduate degrees offered in fields like humanities and social sciences.

Students studying in countries like the UK can start out their program specialized right from the start, saving both time and money with shorter course offerings in comparison with USA courses.

Students studying in the US have their pick of institutions and programs, from those offering specialty degrees like game development or music theory, to more conventional degrees such as computer science and mathematics. Tuition fees for an MS in the US may run into the tens of thousands – students should also factor in living and sustaining costs when selecting where to study.


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