Study Abroad Summer

study abroad summer

Study abroad summer programs are an incredible opportunity to experience new cultures, strengthen language abilities and gain an international perspective in your education. Many participants on semester-long programs return with regret that they did not stay longer abroad, although that might not be an ideal fit for everyone.

There is an array of summer programs spanning one week to most of the summer to suit varying academic and travel goals, making it simple to find a summer program tailored specifically to you and your schedule. From fulfilling course requirements, taking intensive courses or improving language proficiency – summer programs provide the ideal solution for busy academic calendars during academic year.

Salma took advantage of her BMCC Association Scholarship to study for five weeks at Stellenbosch University in South Africa this summer, where she gained experience with both allopathic and alternative healthcare practices, while exploring historical sites.

Studying abroad can be an immense adjustment, so it’s crucial that you prepare by conducting extensive research about the country you will visit. Learning their customs, traditions and culture will allow you to be prepared for what awaits in-country. Furthermore, considering packing for weather is also key since many destinations experience fluctuating temperatures throughout the day and night – for instance colder climates might require warmer clothing such as layers while warmer environments demand light clothing and sunscreen protection.


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