Study and Work in Australia

australia study and work

Studying abroad is an investment; working alongside your studies helps keep costs manageable while giving you international experience. Many universities, states and cities offer student internship and volunteer programs as part of your course or separately – Australia boasts world-class research communities where some of the greatest discoveries such as penicillin, WiFi, bionic ear and flight data recorders (black boxes) were first made public.

Students on a student visa are legally permitted to work 40 hours every two weeks during term time and full-time during holidays, providing an ideal way for meeting new people, developing on-the-job skills and increasing confidence. Furthermore, having a job demonstrates your dedication and commitment towards your studies.

Australia jobs are highly competitive and require a high proficiency in English; however, the labour market is well regulated with numerous laws in place to protect workers fairly and ensure a fair workplace for everyone involved. Furthermore, Australia is known as being a safe country with low crime rates and an inviting culture – perfect conditions for any prospective workers!

An extra income can help cover living expenses when studying abroad in another country, while also building connections and understanding the culture. Working while studying also broadens one’s experience for after graduation career success.