Study Visa Application Form For Canada

study visa application form for canada

If you are an international student looking to pursue education in Canada, a study visa will enable up to 90 days of post-program study time in Canada.

Applications for study visas can either be submitted electronically or on paper, depending on your country of origin and desired method of submission. Before beginning either form of submission, make sure all of your documents are in order – the letter of acceptance from your university/college should be of paramount importance here; additionally you will need three recent bank statements as proof of your financial means.

Be mindful that it will take the visa office time to process your application. Once this step has been completed, a letter from Port of Entry (POE) will be provided with instructions about next steps you need to take.

Your application to study in Canada must also include two passport-sized photographs with your name and date of birth written clearly on them, along with your letters of introduction and possibly medical examination results and police check results. Furthermore, children under 17 studying here must be accompanied by either their parents/legal guardians/custodian who has completed a notarized Custodianship Declaration form.