Universities in Europe in English

universities in europe in english

The top universities offering English instruction are predominantly located in western Europe – Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria to be precise – and boast excellent reputations in terms of providing high quality education at an affordable cost. Furthermore, most offer both degree programs in both English and the local language for ease of study for their students.

Established in 1472, The University of Munich (LMU), one of Germany’s premier academic and research institutions, provides innovative interdisciplinary studies that aim to nurture creative thinking and problem-solving abilities in all students. Furthermore, LMU boasts outstanding teaching and research institutions which together make up its world-renowned teaching faculty.

LMU ranks among the top 20 universities in Europe for international students, offering undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD degrees across various fields of study. Furthermore, it boasts several exclusive dual degree programs with esteemed US and UK universities.

University of Cambridge Its Cambridge is an esteemed global institution known for educating many influential and successful individuals, and students attending its courses will experience unique educational experiences that will shape their future and help make them successful individuals in life.


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