What Does a Study Abroad Advisor Do?

study abroad advisor

Study abroad advisors encourage their student clients to take full advantage of opportunities offered by international exchange programs or similar opportunities for exploring foreign cultures. Advisors assist their clientele with the process of applying for visas, finding housing arrangements and paying tuition; applying for scholarships; university policies/transfer/cultural adaptation issues and offer advice as needed. Qualifications for this position typically include at least a bachelor’s degree with experience working with students.

Communication skills are of utmost importance for study abroad advisors, since they serve as the initial point of contact between students looking to study overseas and prospective advisors. This may involve phone, email and face-to-face contact; additionally some advisors use these abilities to create and distribute materials such as information sessions or pre-departure orientations. Other key skills needed for this position include analytical ability and interpersonal savvy.

Study abroad advisors play an essential role in keeping advisees up-to-date on their academic progress while abroad. They typically review student records in Albert (NYU’s online student system), to make sure students are meeting requirements and accruing credits accordingly. Furthermore, in certain instances they may assist faculty overseeing overseas programs with determining course equivalencies.

Studying abroad is an enormous commitment, so it’s crucial that they know its impact on their academic progress. Students often consult their major or minor advisor regarding their plans for studying abroad as well as attend any information sessions about it.


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