Franchise Opportunities in India

franchise opportunities in india

Franchising can be an excellent way to start a new business venture with minimal risk and maximum potential return. It has an established track record and can bring greater returns.

This article will detail some of the top franchise opportunities in India that may help you launch and grow your own business. These franchises are highly sought-after and profitable – helping you realize your goal of becoming an accomplished entrepreneur.

McDonald’s is an iconic fast food chain with an immense market presence in India. Offering affordable rates and offering an expansive menu, this iconic eatery can become your franchise with an investment of between Rs. 6.6-14 crores.

Dunkin’ Donuts, established in 1950 in the US, has gained immense popularity since then in India due to its wide range of products and welcoming atmosphere. You can open one with an investment between Rs 4.4-10 crores.

FabIndia, founded in 1960, stands out from competitors due to its originality and incorporation of Indian culture into their products. A favorite among women, this business opportunity can be taken advantage of by investing Rs 40-50 lakhs for franchise ownership on an area 3500 sq ft located on the ground floor.