Study Abroad in USA

study abroad in usa

As the most sought-after study abroad destination, USA universities dedicate substantial resources to equipping international students for success in both culture and workplace environments in this country. From graduate degrees to summer programs, our dedicated staff can assist you in finding an educational program or summer program to meet your education and career goals.

With so many opportunities for research, fieldwork and internships available in the USA, this country offers one of the richest learning experiences ever seen in our modern global society. Experience snowy mountain peaks and rugged coastlines in the North; uncover Souther customs, music and cuisine; witness cities like Chicago, New York and Atlanta as international hubs of their respective fields; etc.

American higher education is well known for its flexibility; you can earn your qualification through taking both standalone courses and set programs to accumulate credits toward your qualification. Furthermore, many campuses welcome international students with open arms, providing a welcoming community atmosphere right from the start of your university experience.

The US offers an abundant selection of public and private universities that range in size and location, from state-funded institutions with lower tuition fees for domestic students, or smaller, more specialised private colleges. As a freshman it’s likely you’ll share a dorm room with one or more classmates; although this may require adjustment initially, sharing space can teach co-operation skills as well as respect.