Top 100 Online Doctoral Programs

100 online doctoral programs

Earning an advanced degree requires hard work and commitment, but now with online learning becoming increasingly accessible and more prestigious institutions offering their programs this way, doctoral degrees have become within the reach of more professional students than ever before. Accredited online PhD schools provide flexible options for earning the doctorate without attending classes on campus every week.

Online PhD degrees equip students to assume leadership roles in their fields of interest. For instance, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs teach professionals how to take on leadership roles within teams while still serving as registered nurses. Meanwhile, Doctors of Law (JD) help students broaden their legal knowledge and acquire the tools needed for practicing law.

Doctoral degrees are widely viewed as the highest academic credentials in their respective academic fields. Programs usually focus on one subject area and students typically complete courses designed to deepen their understanding of it while conducting independent research projects of their own – often culminating in book-length dissertations that further their field.

When selecting a doctorate degree program, it is crucial to select one that aligns with both your educational and career goals. When researching accredited schools for doctorate degrees online, use our College Consensus rankings which combine results of major college ranking systems with real student reviews into one unique college meta-ranking system.


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