Why Study in Turkey?

Study in Turkey

Turkish Studies provide international students with an exciting opportunity to discover an intriguing country with diverse cultural features and an ancient past, yet modern life makes Turkey vibrant and welcoming. Due to its geographic position between Eastern and Western worlds, its unique culture, food, architecture and traditions reflect these attributes in abundance.

Students interested in studying in Turkey can choose between public and private universities, higher education institutes and private institutes – many are accredited and offer Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees across engineering, science, arts and humanities fields.

Furthermore, tuition fees in Turkey are relatively lower compared to countries like the US or UK and international students may qualify for scholarships that cover part or all of their expenses during study abroad in Turkey.

Turkish authorities have offered various scholarships to international students. Furthermore, several universities also provide scholarship programs specifically targeting these international students. It’s essential that you carefully read each program’s requirements as many have specific criteria that need to be fulfilled for acceptance into them.

Living costs in Turkey are surprisingly reasonable; rent, food, transportation and utilities can all be more affordably priced than most countries. Furthermore, many universities provide housing for their students which makes the cost of studying in Turkey even more manageable.

Turkey, once home to one of the greatest empires ever seen, boasts an extraordinary mix of cultures, cuisines and traditions that is truly captivating. You’ll enjoy an enriching cultural experience while receiving top-quality education that can prepare you for life in today’s global job market.

Though the language barrier may pose challenges, it’s far from insurmountable. Most Turkish universities provide instruction in English and most students can communicate with professors and fellow students using it. Furthermore, there are numerous student organizations, sports teams, and cultural events that bring students from all around the country together.

Turkey boasts over 70 languages spoken, which makes it a very multilingual country. Students find it easier than ever to integrate and make friends amongst new classmates due to the diverse environment; not to mention how this environment enhances learning and gives a deeper insight into our global society.

Studying in Turkey will give you an unparalleled opportunity to discover its rich past and promising future. Discover Istanbul, Cappadocia’s amazing rock formations or enjoy culinary exploration – you won’t regret studying there! You won’t be sorry that you made time for studying this vibrant nation!