Cost of Studying in France For International Students

cost of studying in france for international students

When planning to study in France as an international student, it’s important to keep certain considerations in mind. These include tuition fees, living costs and healthcare. The exact cost of studying will depend on where you live, what programme and accommodation option is selected as well as where Campus France estimates that students require each month between 600-800 euros for basic expenses compared to tuition fees that are relatively lower in comparison to other countries.

Students enrolled at public universities pay tuition fees of about EUR 2,770 for Bachelors and EUR 3,770 for Masters programs – this rate is lower than other European countries. Furthermore, students must subscribe to health coverage that costs an additional 50 euros monthly which offers compensation in case of accidents or illness.

France is widely renowned for its diverse university system and high standard of teaching, boasting more than 3500 public and private institutions offering bachelor, master and doctorate degrees.

International students find the tuition fees in France to be very cost-effective due to the French government’s generous subsidization of higher education. A first year degree tuition fee at one of France’s public universities for international students stands at approximately 195 euros.

Non-EU students’ tuition fees may be higher. For instance, students from Africa or Asia typically must pay more in France than EU students for tuition fees.