How to Get PR in Ireland After Study

how to get pr in ireland after study

International students hoping to live and work in Ireland after their studies may find obtaining permanent residency an attractive proposition. With its wealth of top high-performance companies and diverse working environment, Ireland provides plenty of opportunity for international students looking for permanent residence. Many international students strive for this coveted PR status on the Emerald Isle!

Irish post-study visas are easily obtained and you can take advantage of your stay to gain valuable work experience and explore its culture. Doing this will only benefit you in the long run as it adds an impressive addition to your CV; additionally, having a PR will assist with settling into Ireland more smoothly.

Irish government policy now permits international students to remain for an extra two-year post-course duration in order to gain invaluable work experience that could enhance their future career prospects and establish themselves in their home countries’ job markets. It will also help them create strong professional networks.

After living in Ireland for five years, this will also enable them to apply for and obtain a Permanent Residence Permit (Stamp 4), commonly referred to as Ireland’s green card. Individuals holding either a Critical Skills Employment Permit or General Work Permit may qualify.


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