MBA From Canada Cost

mba from canada cost

Cost is one of the main considerations students make before enrolling in an MBA program in Canada. Cost can differ significantly depending on your university of choice and lifestyle choices while living there; thus, total MBA costs consist of both tuition fees and living expenses.

Tuition fees for an MBA degree in Canada typically range between CAD 33,200 and 101,500 (around 53,377,000 INR), depending on your university and lifestyle choices. This covers tuition fees, housing and transportation to and from class; many universities also provide scholarships for MBA students with excellent academic credentials.

An MBA graduate can expect an annual average salary of CAD 79,076 in Canada. They can find employment in industries including finance, technology and education; or you could start your own business after graduating!

As well as possessing a bachelor’s degree, many Canadian MBA programs also require applicants to possess two to five years of work experience and provide evidence of academic aptitude through exams such as GMAT or GRE scores.

Individuals interested in an Executive MBA can find numerous programs across Canada which last one year and cost anywhere between CAD 29,000 and 145,000. These courses provide working professionals with an opportunity to advance in their careers while expanding their skillset and knowledge base.


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