Student Visa Sponsorship

student visa sponsorship

When applying for a student visa to study in the UK, you must demonstrate you have enough funds available to cover both tuition fees and living costs. Your official sponsorship may cover these expenses entirely or you can provide evidence of funds such as bank statements or attested PF/PPF balance certificates as evidence of such funding sources.

If you are sponsored by a university, government agency, or employer it is crucial that you understand and document their sponsorship arrangements with the school. Our International Student Services office can assist in this regard.

Sponsored students are defined as those receiving full or partial financial support from a government, foundation, or nonprofit organization. Usually arriving on J-1 visa, these students are responsible for working closely with their sponsors on immigration requests such as work authorizations, travel endorsements and DS-2019 extensions.

An important part of applying for a study visa overseas is providing the embassy with a sponsorship letter, along with other verification documents, for review. A well-drafted sponsorship letter gives them an idea of your true financial situation and ability to cover the expense associated with studying overseas education; this article offers clear guidelines and samples which you can refer to when creating one of your own.


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