Top 5 English Speaking Universities in Europe

english speaking universities in europe undergraduate

Earning a degree in Europe has never been simpler as more universities across the continent offer courses taught in English, making studying more convenient while enjoying some of Europe’s most captivating cities. But this doesn’t indicate any decline in quality education – many European universities remain amongst the highest standards available today.

While most programs at ETH Zurich are conducted in German, this Swiss university also provides undergraduate and Master’s degrees taught entirely in English. Furthermore, its history includes producing many influential leaders and scientists around the globe.

Maastricht University was one of the pioneering European universities to adopt an English-dominant curriculum and has provided English-taught courses for over four decades, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various fields such as social sciences, business economics, arts life sciences and law.

SciencesPo provides its undergraduates with a multidisciplinary foundation in humanities and social sciences that prepares them to adopt an international perspective in their future careers in politics or public administration.

The University of Leiden currently offers approximately 36 bachelor and master’s degrees in English at its campuses across Leiden. Program offerings at these institutions range from International Relations, Linguistics, Urban Studies and Archaeology as well as Dutch and Cultural Studies.