Get an Undergraduate Degree in Canada

undergraduate degree in canada

An undergraduate degree typically takes between three and four years (full-time study) in Canada to complete. However, this timeframe can differ depending on the university and course type you select.

Canadian universities offer a broad selection of undergraduate degrees across multiple fields, helping you find one to meet your career aspirations by comparing course offerings and requirements.

Students residing in Canada with valid study permits may also work while studying. Part-time employment during semesters and full-time during breaks such as winter and summer holidays are common options; if you are an international student however, prior to seeking employment you will require both a social insurance number and work permit prior to making applications for employment.

An undergraduate degree can increase your chances of finding work and furthering your career, as well as increasing the probability that you’ll qualify for permanent residence in Canada – this gives access to all its advantages!

Canada also offers diploma and certificate programs. These may be shorter than a bachelor’s degree and more focused on practical applications; some diplomas lead to master’s degrees while others prepare you to enter specific professions or skillsets.

Before enrolling in university degree programs, most provinces (except Quebec ) require students to complete a CEGEP program. These programs are specifically tailored for university level studies and include an integral work experience component, with students rotating between four months of studies at their institution and four months working for their chosen organization as paid employees.