Study Abroad in Europe

europe study abroad

Study abroad in Europe provides world-class education with state of the art facilities, with thousands of universities and colleges offering an extensive selection of academic disciplines taught in english.

Europe boasts an expansive and intricate history that has left an indelible imprint upon many aspects of society. Many ideas and theories developed within its borders have since spread throughout the world.

Study abroad programs provide the rare opportunity to experience first-hand all that makes up European culture, through direct exposure with its people who inhabit its landmasses every day. On these programs you will have access to their perspectives of their culture – which makes Europe study abroad programs truly unforgettable!

Discover World War II events first-hand by standing on Omaha Beach in Normandy or touring Churchill war rooms or Auschwitz; or see art and cultural identity connections at Louvre and Van Gogh museums; explore its impacts on society through visiting many industrial/electrical innovation-themed museums; or witness history as you visit monuments of engineering innovation such as ATLAS in Helsinki – these places can bring history alive!

SA: Europe offers an immersive semester abroad experience where students collaborate closely with a faculty project adviser and the SA: Europe staff to design research projects prior to traveling abroad. In addition, preparatory meetings teach research skills while providing health and safety information, travel tips, and other valuable resources that students will bring back with them after returning from Europe study abroad. Students gain a much deeper insight into both their research topic as well as a fuller appreciation for culture by becoming temporary insiders themselves.