Study Art in France

study art in france

Study art in France can provide the education you need while offering breathtaking landscapes around the country. Enroll in one of France’s universities as part of your degree program or take courses at various French art museums like Louvre, Musee Rodin or Eiffel Tower[iv].

Many artists who pursue careers in the arts decide to study abroad in order to maximize their educational experience and make the most of it. Studying abroad allows you to not only experience different cultures but also gain new perspectives that may help create better works once back at home.

India Cornett from the UK wasn’t sure whether she should apply to an art school abroad at first, but eventually came around to believing it would be worthwhile. “I decided it would be amazing to study art here where there’s such an incredible tradition of it,” she says.

Many of France’s premier art schools are public institutions, which means you won’t have to spend much on tuition fees. On average, Bachelor’s degree tuition for EU/EEA countries costs approximately EUR 170 annually while Masters costs about EUR 240.