Study at One of the Technical Universities in France

If you enjoy science and technology, pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering degree in France could be the ideal course of study. This program equips you with both theoretical and practical engineering knowledge as well as providing you with opportunities to continue your studies at Masters or PhD levels.

French universities are world-renowned for the quality of their teaching and offer a diverse selection of engineering courses. Their curriculum balances theory with practice to produce some of the finest engineers worldwide; graduation from one ensures this. A regulatory body known as National Commission for Engineering Degrees (CTI in French) ensures this high standard.

To study at one of France’s technical universities you will require an advanced French level. Most universities require at least a B2 certificate from DELF or TCF-DAP for entry, though non-EEA students will need to submit an application through ParcoursUp portal to be considered for admission.

This portal is used by some of the top universities to manage applications. While its complexity can be daunting, the effort will pay off as you have a much greater chance of being accepted to your desired school and can find scholarships like the Ecole Polytechnique Excellence Scholarship awarded on merit.


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